Diese Informationen sind derzeit nur auf Englisch verfügbar.
This is an agreement between the client using the service and the service provider of Alonfa.

This service can be used by registered businesses, self-employed and organizations.

We provide an online service where the client can create and manage invoices, quotes, projects and time reports.

As a registered client, you are responsible to maintain your own backup of all data. We are not responsible for any lost data. We do not take any responsibility for any harm or damage this service or any other related service may cause. Also we do not take any responsibility for any connection and/or network and/or server problems that might occur.

All information and contact details supplied by you for your account have to be valid. Any behavior that can be considered as abusive, unlawful, harmful, fraudulent or deceitful against our company, staff or other parties will be investigated. We will block and delete the client if we find any proof of such activity.

The main invoicing service is free but might have ads and is limited to 3 invoices and quotes per month. For an ad-free service, the possibility to create more invoices and quotes and work with projects and time reports, also after the first 30 days, we offer different paid plans (contracts). The client can choose to upgrade to a paid plan.

Some features are provided by a third party, like factoring in some countries. We are not responsible how any third party manage and deliver their services. The third party have always the right to to decide which clients they want to sign a separate agreement with.

We let some clients upload files (documents and images). In order to be allowed to upload files, the client have to own the copyright for the files or be allowed by the copyright owner or be sure that the files are free to use. The client accepts that the files will be stored on public servers. We will not apply any type of access control for the files. Anyone, knowing the random URL for a file, could potentially download the file. Therefor we suggest not to upload any secret or non-public files.

This is a shared service. This means that the resources are shared among all users. If a client is using an abnormal large portion of the resources we might need to limit the service for this client.

Payment for upgraded plans are normally done via a regular bank transfer. We will send an invoice via email that is due in 20 days. All prices are excluding VAT.

We only provide support via email for paying customers.

This terms and the features of the service might change in the future. The client have to ensure that any user using the client's account for this service, has read and accepted this agreement.

This service is provided by Alonfa AB (559326-2727).

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, is a European legislation to protect the privacy and personal information of individuals living in the European Union. As a European company we follow GDPR. Some of the rights include the right to be informed about which personal data is collected and the right to erase or rectificate data.

We collect and handle personal information in cases where it is necessary for us to deliver a functioning service and good experience to you, or to fulfill legal and contractual obligations.

We collect personal information, such as name and email address when you register for an account, make a purchase or contact us. We will also collect automatic information like IP-address and web browser for each visit and event on our website.

When you contact us, the personal data you enter will be saved. This includes all information in the email or contact form. We will save the data to provide you with a good and friendly support service for future contact occasions.

We use cookies for some features, mainly for log in forms.

We use Google Charts to display some charts and graphs. Some information (like IP-address and chart data) might therefor be sent to Google. Read more at Google. Google will only temporarily store the chart data for a short period of time.

The customer is entitled to request that the personal data of the customer be deleted. In some cases, it may not happen, for example, if the personal information is still needed for the purposes we have collected and processed. Keep in mind that we according to accounting laws, the personal data might have to be saved even after such a request has been handled.

We will act as data controller for the data we manage about you as a customer or visitor. If you use our services to manage any personal data, then you are the data controller and we are the data processor for this data. Please contact us if it is unclear if we are the data controller or data processor for your personal data. We are not responsible for shortages from your side in regards to any data protection laws.

If you wish to make complaints regarding our handling of personal data, you may contact the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.