Invoicing, quotes, projects, time reporting, data records and reports

By using our online service there is no need for any complicated installation or software upgrades.

We will manage your invoices, quotes, projects, time reports, EU VAT, data records and reporting.




- Create templates

Create templates with a few clicks. You can also set recurring intervals for new invoices.

- PDF-invoices

Print, email and download your invoices as PDF-files.

- Create quotes

You can easily create and send quotes to your customers.

- Project management

Keep track of your projects. Add costs and automatically create invoices.

- Create reminders

Notifications about unpaid invoices will be shown after the due date.

- Data records

Create records for your customer, article, supplier and employee data.

- Print reports

You can create and print reports for different invoices categories, like unpaid or paid invoices for specific periods.

- Time reports

Let your employees submit their own time reports online or do it yourself. Convert the time reports to invoices.

- Global support

Support for multiple languages, currencies, paper sizes, TAX/VAT rates and countries.



Discover our smart solution for invoicing, quotations, data records, project management and time reporting

You may use any computer, mobile device or tablet with an Internet connection. You can be located anywhere in the world.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

- Is this service completely free?

Yes, the core invoicing service is completely free. There are some limitations. In order to get access to more advanced features, like project management and time reporting, we offer paid plans. Read more in the section Prices.

- Can I use this service on my tablet or phone?

Yes, the service is mobile friendly and will work fine on both phones and tablets.